Happy Ghost's Halloween Visit

On the Halloween Night, Sheeshaboo, the ghost, takes flight to visit his friends, the nomchoms.

Halloween Moon Scene

The Nomchoms sit on top of a branch next to a friendly owl, where they overlook a scene under a crescent moon. Witches fly on their broom sticks, fireflies glow bright, and other creatures make their presence known. Please take a seat and enjoy this Hallow's Eve.

Bird watching from the kitchen window

On a warm summer day with a cool soft breeze the little monsters Nomchom, Ollalie and Beefalo bird watch from the edge of the kitchen window and listen to a mocking bird sing.

Mystery of The Big Crops (promo video)

In this upcoming graphic novel, the nomchoms befriend a group of bees after they become ill and crash into the garden. Eager to help their new friends find the cause of their sickness, the nomchoms go on an epic journey to discover the mystery of the big crops.

The Gum Drop Dream

Swampy dreams a world of magical gumdrops.
Tags: Swampy, candy, dreams

Ollalie and Her Monster Doll

"Walking cycle" Ollalie drags her monster doll across a room.
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