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Nomchom - little monsters from the fridge.

Nomchoms are little monsters that live in the refrigerator and love to eat sweets! Our cute monsters, Nomchom (the first born), Clo Clo, Beefalo, Starling, Ollalie, Swampy, and Snupps are a group of friends living together in a vintage pink refrigerator they call home. On many occasions you'll find them out from the fridge exploring new places, finding food, and making new friends. If you're ever running about and discover something missing from the cubard, you'll know who did it. A nomchom! Being that of little monsters, nomchoms have big appetites. They are smart, clever creatures and can learn just about anything. They are small and sneaky giving them a great ability to find things in hidden places. Nomchoms remain unseen by adults, however children can see them because of their openness to the world.

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